What Is RelEVENT?

Many people have experienced the frustration of missing interesting events at home and when traveling because they do not have the considerable time required to sort through multiple sources to find the few events relevant to them. The overwhelming number of art exhibits, wine tastings, sporting events, movie features, live music, trivia events, and other community events makes it very difficult to find the right events.

RelEVENT is a personal event recommendation service in a mobile app. Through an easy to use interface, we present users our top recommendations for each of their pre-determined interest categories. Our interface allows them to “discover” new events in addition to the recommendations based on their preferences. The app also pulls in Facebook friends and events to incorporate private, as well as public, events. This social integration encourages users to experience events at home with their friends and family and when traveling the world. Both improve the user’s life beyond the digital world.

RelEVENT opens the window to great events and new experiences.